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About Ladybird Montessori School

Ladybird Montessori School was established in 1990, at The Scout Hall in Highgate. This is a quiet residential area between Hampstead and Highgate Village. There are parking facilities and a secluded garden for outside activities including nature and environmental studies.

Our Staff

We are very fortunate to have dedicated members of staff who are passionate about delivering the Montessori philosophy. Our teachers are fully qualified, friendly and approachable. They are especially trained to respond to the needs of each child and to direct the whole group.

The teachers observe the children’s work (progress) and introduce new challenges based on individual needs, interests and stage of development

Our Aims

Our aim is to create a caring atmosphere, in which each child can learn and develop freely at their optimum pace. Children receive the individual attention they need to thrive. Our approach creates a safe, secure and stimulating environment, respecting their racial origin, religious, cultural and linguistic background.

The Curriculum

Boundaries are not rigidly defined so that the children may move between areas according to their interest in subjects.

The open environment also encourages direct observations and assistance between the children and teachers. Each teacher follows the Montessori approach of working with every child as appropriate and is sensitive to their character and personal needs.

As well as learning mathematics, languages, science and cultural subjects, the children are encouraged to express themselves freely using arts, crafts, drama, music and movement.

Our system of observations and record keeping, which operates as a partnership with parents, enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.

Each key teacher is responsible for an average of five children for whom they monitor their development.

Special Tutors Visiting the School

Computers and French are available once a week.

Music and Drama

We believe, like Dr. Maria Montessori, active participation in the arts can inspire the whole personality. Therefore we have a professional choreographer and a musician who visit us to give dance and drama lessons, with special skills, adapted instruments, plus puppets, singing and dance which will enrich the child’s early experience in musical instruments.

The Early Years foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is made up of seven areas of development. These have been included in our Montessori School programmes.

Personal, Social and Emotional
Our practical life and sensorial materials help the child to be independent and self-confident. The children learn how to respect each other and take care of their environment. We plan our activities to promote emotional, moral, spiritual and social development.

Communication and Language
Children improve their language and communication skills when using the unique Montessori language materials. There are opportunities to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings and to build up relationship with adults as well as each-other. There is a wide range of books to explore and enjoy.

Physical Development
There are activities that offer appropriate physical challenges. These may take place indoors or in our spacious garden. We emphasise safety as part of the curriculum. Children learn how to eat healthily and they are as well introduced to personal hygiene.

We encourage children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. There is a wide range of books to explore and enjoy. Songs and poems are always in our planning to ignite their interest.

Mathematics: Shape, space and measure
Using the colourful range of Montessori materials, the children develop their awareness of numbers, measurement, pattern, shape and space. Mathematical understanding is developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play so that they enjoy using, and experimenting with numbers and calculations.

Expressive arts and design
We provide a stimulating environment in which creativity, originality and expression are valued. Children are encouraged to explore and share their ideas through art, design and technology.Music and movement, dance, stories and imaginative role-play activities are included in the curriculum.

Understanding of the World
We give opportunities for children to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a varied range of contexts. They learn to explore and find out about their environment through using our unique sensorial and cultural materials. They begin to realise that they have special people and places with significance in their lives. We enjoy celebrating multi-cultural festivals in partnership with parents and friends.

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